Scott was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska; where he graduated from Service High School in 2000. After that he began attending Brigham Young University. After his first year of college he took two years off to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Arkansas and Tennessee. Following his mission he returned to BYU and completed a degree in Computer Science, graduating in August 2007.

As an avid Linux user, Scott has been seriously using Linux since 2003. He has run most of the major distros, and has griefs with all of them. Professionally, he's administrated Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise servers and machines while he worked as a system admin during college. He also manages his own Debian server, which runs this website.

These days Scott primarily works in Apple's OS X, allowing him to focus more on getting things done, and not on keeping his hardware running.

Scott has spent quite a bit of time working on a variety of side projects. He typically has a list of four or five things he is planning to work on. His major open source project is Oggify which is a tool for converting between audio formats, preserving the directory structure and metadata.

He released a game for the iPhone in 2012, DropSort. In the spirit of tetris, it is an infinite sorting game. Done in a retro style, it is available on the iTunes app store now.

He is skilled in a wide variety of languages and tools. His preferred programming languages are Python, Objective C, and C. He typically codes in Vim. Scott tends to avoid web programming, but actually starts to enjoy it when he is using Django.

Scott resides in East Palo Alto, California. He is currently employed by A9, as a software developer on the visual search team.

The views contained on this website do not reflect the views or position of his employer.

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