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Blog Hiatus

So I don't post very often here anymore. I've determined that this is because I've allowed the focus of this blog to become very narrow.

Good blogs have a subject or general theme. I've tried to keep my posts focused, but it has become far constrained resulting in infrequent posting.

Because of this I'm putting the blog on hiatus until August. No posts, nothing. When it comes back I expect to have redesigned the site, done a major overhaul of the blogging engine, and decided on a broader theme that I will actually write about.

Until then, if you just can't survive without my quips and thoughts, check me out on twitter. You can just follow my RSS feed there if you're not interested in joining.

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Best of 2008

This is out of the norm of my blog posts, but it being the end of the year I thought I'd mention some things I've found to be really good this year. I recommend these things to anyone.


Video Games

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Now on Twitter

Well, I've finally given in, and am now on Twitter. You can find me as _ spr _ (hm. that's _spr_. python-markdown has a bug).

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UTOSC Slides and Related Files

I presented at UTOSC this year, presenting a series of tips and best practices that I've learned from Oggify. Entitled Things I've Learned From Oggify, the slides are available on the conference site. There are a few files I used in the presentation which I have put in a tar and uploaded. Enjoy!

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My iPhone 3G Buying Experience

I've been reading various responses to the iPhone 3G activation issues. These range from "my phone is a brick," "the store won't sell any that aren't activated," to "the line barely moves." I had a different experience yesterday morning out here in California.

I went to the smaller local Apple store in the Stanford Shopping Center. The line started at 5 AM (mall rules) and my friend and I got there at 7 AM. We were around the 100th in line. Around 9 AM the Apple employees started to alert people that if they had a business discount on their phone they needed to call AT&T and get it removed. So I called and in 5 minutes I got the PLU number removed from my account. I got into the store at 9:45 AM, and quickly bought my 8 GB. The employee helping me told ...

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